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Impact to date:

4,010 tonnes of CO₂ removed

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NZU (Native Forest)

The Native CCU

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Native CarbonCrop Units (CCUs) are high-integrity voluntary carbon credits, issued exclusively to qualifying native forests not recognised by the ETS. They represent one tonne of CO2 equivalent. They are certified by CarbonCrop who uses satellites and artificial intelligence to assess carbon sequestration from regenerative native bush on NZ farmland to the highest standard.

New Zealand Units (NZU) are regulatory carbon credits traded on the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). NZUs are verified by the methodology used by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). CarbonZ sells NZUs that are exclusively from native forests that are fully traceable to the exact location. We set our price based on the traceability and storytelling we provide for our credits and the fact that they are exclusively from native forests. The traceability of units and price is determined by CarbonZ, not MPI.

Current Price: $50/tonne

Current Price: $100/tonne

Buyers are able to select which region in New Zealand their credits are from before purchasing. To do so, get in touch via


Local Co-benefits:

Native Co-benefits:

- Exclusively native forests.
- Improve biodiversity, wildlife and water quality.
- Stabilise soil and lower fire risk.​

- Traceable to the exact location of the forest.
- Remove carbon from your own backyard.
- Supports local communities and New Zealand farmers and landowners.​

Native station south island

— Landowner, Glen Dene station.

“Native CarbonCrop Units have led to a tangible financial outcome, now all re-invested in restoration showing us that the station can generate new, conservation-related income streams alongside traditional farming."

North Island

"It’s great to finally have a value on our restoration efforts on-farm for our natives and the Native CCU will enable us to progress our farm’s environmental and climate goals."

— Landowner, Grant M.

"Maggie Marilyn is committed to transparency throughout our supply chain in order to maximise our sustainability impact. Maggie Marilyn is Toitū certified 'climate positive' however, they also purchase Native CCUs to further mitigate the impact of their emissions on the planet."

"Heilala Vanilla is proud to be supporting regenerating native forest in New Zealand with CarbonZ credits. We are continuously looking at our impact on the environment across our total business from Tonga to New Zealand and believe partnering with CarbonZ offsets is a real positive step forward in our journey." 

"Victory Knives are beginning our journey of understanding our company's carbon footprint. We value CarbonZ’s transparency around their credits being only native New Zealand plantations (not invasive Pine) which we believe is very important to longevity and credibility of carbon sequestration. Their low overheads mean our funds are going a long way to support Kiwi farmers directly and their restoration."

Brand Testimonials

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"At Amokura Glass, we are looking for ways to become more sustainable in all areas of our business. Glass blowing has a large carbon footprint; we cannot completely move away from heavy gas usage or large shipping costs. To offset this, we have begun buying CCUs from CarbonZ. We really like that all their carbon credits go to planting New Zealand natives. We love that we are supporting locals and that these trees will help our country over a longer period than pine. And, these forests don’t just trap carbon, they also ensure our native birds have a good habitat to live in!"

“We are conscious of the emissions produced from our operations at Troydon and are looking at many ways to cut emissions as our business grows. Our business is well connected with rural communities and it's great to see the funds from our offsets going towards restoration efforts on Glen Dene Station. We are happy to be doing our bit to conserve New Zealand for future generations. To know where our funds are going and where our carbon is being stored is important to us. Glen Dene has done significant work fencing off regenerating native bush and it's great to be supporting them to expand these efforts to bring back native forest." 

"At Go Well consulting we know not all carbon credits are of equal quality. As we continue to purchase carbon credits, we will analyse the various methodologies and conduct our due diligence on the credit suppliers. We are confident in the CarbonCrop methodology and that the CCUs are in line with and exceed international voluntary carbon credit standards. We will continue to look closely at the evolving global standards to inform our credit purchases and we are excited to be supporting kiwi restoration initiatives for native forest."

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