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What is CarbonZ?

What is

CarbonZ is an exchange for carbon credits. The exchange allows individuals and entities to buy and sell traceable native carbon credits. Buyers can purchase credits to remove their emissions from the atmosphere or they may choose to buy credits as an investment. CarbonZ sells both voluntary and regulatory carbon credits on the exchange, click the button on the top right-hand corner to get started.

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CarbonCrop Units (CCUs) are high-integrity carbon removals, issued exclusively to qualifying native forests not recognised by the ETS.


They represent a tonne of CO2 equivalent, recently removed from the atmosphere and durably sequestered in regenerating native forest, with a sequestration obligation of 100 years.


  • Robust & traceable


Each native CCU comes with a location and a unique ID, which can be cross referenced against CarbonCrop’s systems to provide full details of the area of forest, so buyers can be confident in the origins of their emissions removals, and perform any necessary audits.


  • AI-enabled precision


Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, CarbonCrop analyses the species mix, height, density, and growth over time of regenerating native forest, based on decades of aerial imagery and satellite data. This enables detailed models of carbon stock and carbon sequestration within an area of forest, down to a single square metre of land - so every unit is backed by real, precise carbon sequestration.


  • 100% native species


Native CarbonCrop Units are only issued for qualifying carbon sequestration by native tree species. If detected, exotic species are excluded from the carbon calculations, which discourages wilding pines and incentivises landholders to actively support and protect natives.


  • Transparent and auditable

CarbonCrop's certification process is informed by existing best-practice methodologies and guidelines, including NZ Ministry For Environment guidance as summarised below. CarbonCrop publicises its methodology, as well as, the underlying data that informs the sequestration model, and the resulting credit issuances, so that these are auditable by third parties.

Buyers choose Native CarbonCrop Units to help support biodiversity and native reforestation across Aotearoa.


Better Forests. Better Emissions Removals.

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How does this compare with MFE guidelines?

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NZU's which are assessed and traded by CarbonZ are traded in the same way as other secondary marketplaces for NZUs, with two key differences, ours are only from indigenous/ native forest and are fully traceable. Owners of NZUs can sell their carbon credits via CarbonZ, we check to make sure they are from native forest and get the coordinates for that forest. These NZU are verified by the Ministry for Primary industries (MPI) and the methodology for these credits can be seen on the MPI website. Owners of CarbonZ Native NZU on the CarbonZ platform can transfer the equivalent number of NZUs back to their New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Register account by emailing and requesting the transfer. CarbonZ arranges this transfer for a flat fee of $150. 

Because the ETS does not offer any traceability criteria, sellers could in theory allocate a NZU from any source to the native forest they have had verified. Therefore, CarbonZ offers no certainty that the NZU is the ‘original NZU’  that was certified from the forest. However, there is an NZU assigned for each native NZU that was approved by MPI and from arrival on the CarbonZ register each credit stays with that native forest. 

The Native CarbonCrop Unit (CCU)

New Zealand Unit (Native Forest)

The Details...

CarbonCrop conducts a free land assessment for landowners. This tells them how many native CCUs they are eligible for in the CarbonZ voluntary market. CarbonCrop will also tell landowners if they are eligible for any ETS credits. If the ETS credits are native they can be sold as native NZUs via CarbonZ. CarbonZ also sources native NZUs from other landowners who have verified NZUs from native forest. If the landowner signs the agreement ensuring the permanence of the carbon captured as per the Native CarbonCrop Unit methodology document, CarbonCrop will allocate these credits to a user account on the CarbonZ exchange. Landowners are then able to sell their credits on the exchange. CarbonZ will not use artificial mechanisms to control the price.

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CarbonZ sells two types of carbon credits. Purchasing both credits incentivises restoration efforts.

Buyers are able to select which region in New Zealand their credits are from before purchasing. To do so, get in touch via

Buyers are able to see exactly where their credits are located around New Zealand pre and post purchase.

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