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CarbonZ Biodiversity Action Credit (CBAC).

New Zealand has the highest proportion of threatened endemic species on the planet. Many landowners want to support biodiversity but lack funding for one of the key actions that enhance biodiversity, pest control. Kiwi individuals, companies and investors want to restore biodiversity with transparency around their impact. 

What are you buying?

  • The funds from your CBAC purchase go to funding for pest control; it is not a payment for a quantified increase in biodiversity. This means that funding comes before the action, so no finance is needed to bridge the gap to action, and the biodiversity benefit is 100% additional. 

  • The CBAC focus is on the ‘doing’ rather than killing. For example, we quantify meters of habitat protected rather than number of pests killed. 

  • There are different types of CBAC, with each credit type representing its own biodiversity action.

  • We only partner with projects of the highest quality that guarantee impact through their NGO status.

Disclaimer: This is not a biodiversity ‘offset’; it can’t be purchased to replace ecosystem damage caused elsewhere, rather it is a good faith purchase to restore nature. This credit can’t be re-sold and does not represent biodiversity ownership. No one owns biodiversity. Rather, this credit enables you to claim responsibility for the impact of one trap which will protect a given area of native species habitat. 


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Region: Matukituki Valley

Area Protected: 33 ha

Price/unit: $700

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